Uprinting :: Buyer Beware!!

Being a “retired” AdSense publisher, I often notice the ads on google and on supporting sites.  This time, their targeting was on spot and I noticed an ad that promoted a very  (almost too good to be true) good price on some flyers, which I am in the market for.   But when I clicked the link, I could find nothing that was priced as the ad stated.

This ad, mind you ON THE GOOGLE HOME PAGE

Linking to https://www.uprinting.com/flyer-printing.html


Can anyone else find the $23.19 offer?

And so I decided to engage their “Live Chat” feature to find out what the story was.

I seem to have lost this screen grab here, but Eugene goes to explain to me that you must first click on “custom size” and then choose 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch “flyer” to get this price.   LOL

Custom Portrait Sessions

I’ll meet you at the (Somerset, KY area) location of your choice for up to a two hour portrait session, like the one in the gallery below.  The session is charged out at $99 and will generate between 25 and 50 proof images to choose from.

From there you will be directed to our on line proofing service where you will be able to view your images, and purchase whatever products you wish from the selection.   One 8×10 is included with your shoot and you’ll be able to choose that as well right from the comfort of your Internet connection.  We have an entire range of print and canvas stretch options.  AND you can pay using any major credit card.  Additional 8×10’s are just $14 with larger print sizes being proportionally priced.  Our goal is to bring quality portraits to clients at affordable rates.

Let me bring you more than 35 years of visual arts experience and save you some money along the way.  We are also digital Guru’s, and can provide you with anything you can dream up for a small additional fee.  We’ll be adding examples of digital augmentations as our galleries grow.

How about a choice of wings?


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to use the Contact Us pop up tab to your bottom right.  We will respond to you as soon as we are able.  And thanks for checking us out.



Video Gallery




ZZ Topps in Johnson City

We take an enormous pride in creating our products, and hope that you’ll find something in our catalog that you like. We also can create custom orders; call or email and let us know what you want.