Web Site Services

If you are brand new to the Web game, or you are simply unhappy with the site you have now, let us offer you an efficient and most simple package.  Let us take the complexity out of having a web site by providing all that is required under one roof.

We offer a completely managed solution, meaning whatever you need, we can take care of it for you.  We can even train you to manage your own pages.  No worries, if you can use FaceBook, then you can use WordPress.

We will set you up a WordPress of your own, customize it to look the way you want it to look and publish your first set of pages so you can grand open in no-time at all.  In fact, we can get you open in about a week from the time we get all of your materials.  We will handle the purchase of your domain name, or we can instruct you in how to do that for yourself.

We charge a flat fee of $399 for setup and $12.95/month so that anyone can afford to make the move.  The monthly fee is not just for hosting, but for completely managed services.  This means if you have a question or need something specific set up on your account, you simply need to send me an email with the request or call me directly via phone.  While I work for all kinds of businesses, I am targeting this service at small business and self employed folks who work from home.

Contact us with questions and let us help you look good on line.




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