Is a team of freelancer's who have a combined professional background across many technologies, from visual arts to web sites and software.  We offer apps, custom Windows programs, and server side development for most any purpose, including client-server applications. We are also a digital imaging service, with output options including photographic, professional signs and banners, and many other industry signage options.  We can even deliver you full color traditional printing (postcards, flyers, etc)  And we are priced for the startup company.

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Some of our projects

We are creating a number of new services and products for both business and consumer consumption.   If you are an one business, then perhaps some of these may of some interest to you.

Puppet Messengers

For those who don't like doing the talking, this one is for YOU.  Cutting edge synthetic voice meets video and web chat.  RCMedia got into this one as a fun way WE can market.

SpeakBot :: Grand Opening 11-20-22

More than 550 voices over 70 languages, with multi-actor scripting and "mail merge" style template driven scripts, make this one of the most full featured Text to Speech engine online.  And our voices are among the most natural available.  Let Us Do The Talking For You.

For a limited time, we are giving away 10,000 credits simply for signing up.


Web design and hosting

We provide secure and maintained server space with rock solid reliability.  We are cPanel driven and all domains come with free SSL.  We manage your entire web site unless for some reason you would like to have "Hands-On" control.

We are a WordPress based service, which means affordable and easy publishing, if you can use FaceBook, then you can use WordPress.  In fact, we are so confident that we include some beginner instruction at no additional charge.  We handle every aspect of your on line presence including free backups, security and support by phone and email.


OH, and we are affordable enough for even the startup.

Photographic Magic and
Support Services

We have provided professional photo studio support services for more than 20 years.  Background removals, head and expression swaps, and even portrait editing can turn your average photo into something special.  If you have need for some photographic magic, do let us know.  And if you need to design a sign, a billboard, a menu or some public instructions, know that we can save you money on that as well.

RCMedia provides affordable logo bumpers for those who use video on Social Media.  By using template based animation, we can offer these animated logo's at just $25.   Check out the Logos In Motion page for details.

9-27-2021 8-55-00 PM

Visual Neo Windows / NeoBook

We provide both custom and retail level plugins for Visual Neo Windows, the newest version of the popular NeoBook.  Visual Neo Win and it's sister software Visual Neo Web (App Maker) can be found on their web site HERE.

We keep a small archive of some of the freebie plugins from back in the day.

We are a digital solutions service!

The services listed are just some of the things we do.  The fact of the matter is, there really isn't anything in the programming or visual arts arena's that we can not provide. And since everything is done by one central team who are adept at working with one another, your systems will come together properly, on time and within budget.  Don't let the frustration of technology baffle you.  Professional assistance is more affordable than you may think.

Feel free to shoot me a message.  And thanks!

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