8x4 Sign (Mini Billboard) Kit

This (Indoor / Outdoor) kit is geared to contractors and those who can work with wood.  Are you looking for something additional to add to your services menu?   Or are you simply looking for a DIY sign project for your organization to save budget?  In either case, RCMedia might have something for you.

For The Contractor

Are you a contractor looking for an extra item for your menu? If your clients are commercial, then these might be just what you're looking for. To help you decide if this product is right for you, I'd like to you call your local sign shop and ask them to quote you on a 8x4 foot, full photographic quality outdoor sign, designed, produced, printed AND installed (on your choice of mounts). Then add to our price your cost of installation (you already know what the lumber costs) and do some math. When it's all said and done, you will be able to furnish a business sign that is both, less money AND unique. I'm SO sure that our work sells itself, prove to me that you're a contractor (using any common-sense method) and you can have your first signboard cover for $100. Use it for yourself or a client, as either way it's likely to generate a good deal of interest.

For The Do-It-Yourselfer

With some basic tools and some woodworking skills, you can save your organization the cost of hiring a professional contractor and look impressive too. Our signboard covers are designed to fit exactly on a standard 8x4 sheet of weatherproof plywood with simple to use spray on adhesive and a clean soft paint roller. We will walk you though the easy process.

For The Interior Decorator

These signboard covers are very high quality and fully photographic in quality. They are perfect to frame and use in office building hallways, conference centers, restaurants and wherever eye-candy is called for. We have access to a great many freely usable high resolution images as well as a large commercial archive with the legal rights to use them. I will build imagery on spec using my sources, and of course nothing goes to print without your authorization.

Religious Lawn Scripture

Post the scripture of your choice over breathtaking images to grab the attention of passers by. Your scripture is placed over a relevant and artistic image high quality enough to hang on your living room wall, Our signboard covers are high quality, weather resistant material and last many years in all seasons and temperatures.


Restaurants and snack houses, both indoor and out can enjoy the benefits of full color eye candy. The full color range of this format lends itself perfectly for images of the food items you offer. Great for appealing to the hungry.


Where ever you have general public, there will be a need for directions. Create “you are here” maps, direct folks to specific areas or instruct them in a given procedure.

Price includes all services, including art layout and design and FedEx over night delivery to your front door.


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