Now In Beta!

After a full year in development, RCMedia is pleased to announce the latest addition to the RCMedia circle of services.  SpeakBot is a text to speech engine with a Pay-As-You-Go structure.  No commitments, no upsells, and no complexities.  We have many plans for upgrading this service with some fairly exciting technology, but for now, we need to get this off the ground and open to the public.  This system is not expected to be mobile friendly, that's part of what we are testing, but since it has no logical application from a mobile device anyway, this is a secondary consideration.   So Windows, Linux and MAC users are encouraged to test our system.

Like any other project, we go through a period of testing first.   If you are here, likely that's because you received an invitation to beta test.   If you are interested, then here are the details...  and THANK you.

If you are interested in Beta testing, please go to our site and access the "Register" button in the upper right corner.   Register a free account and then email me to tell me you have set up a Beta acct.    I will then set you up with credits to test with.   The first thing you'll test is the email verification process when you join.  It works the same way they all do.   Then we'd be interested in your feedback about usability, ease of use, etc.

I thank you for your testing efforts.  If you need more than what we start you off with, just send me another email.  You're welcome to whatever you need.

Feel free to shoot me a message.  And thanks!

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