This is a collection of images taken August of 2022, at the Colorado National Monument, on the western slope of The Rockies.  Colorado National Monument is a National Park Service unit near the city of Grand Junction, Colorado. Sheer-walled canyons cut deep into sandstone and granite–gneiss–schist rock formations. This is an area of desert land high on the Colorado Plateau, with pinyon and juniper forests on the plateau.

These images are photo-graphic in nature, meaning that they are photographs that have been digitally enhanced in various ways.  I call my style "Hyperrealism" as I tend to exaggerate contrast and color.   And since my methods are a "one at a time" process, image tones and representations vary from image to image.

Finally, this landmark is OVERWHELMING in size and scope.  Many of my images here are "partially redundant", as there are so many "shots" in one area that you can't possibly take ONE photo.  Additionally as a photographer, I try to "squeeze" in as much as the scene as I can, ...   a little to the left..... a little to the right.... wait, let me zoom in a bit, oh wait, did I get that over there ... This is a photographer's frenzy ;-0

I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoyed creating them.