In the midst of this madness, our society suddenly appears to have rolled back a century in our thinking. I grew up in the 60's and 70's and lived in a minority based neighborhood and attended a very mixed minority school system. I grew up in an environment where skin color, nationality, religious beliefs, and sexuality were a daily challenge and then, for some reason, it appears to have leveled off a bit, minus the few who still believed differently. I am utterly appalled, and deeply saddened, by the news as of late.

At the age of nearly 60, this just makes NO sense to me, and many others. But here's the thing: In my day, I've met and associated with a great many people, from a wide range of geographic locations and religious beliefs, and I would never have guessed that there were still so many backwards thinkers. In fact, I believe that there are MORE of US than there are of THEM. But just like good cops being responsible for removing the bad cops, we must enlighten those that don't understand. it's up to US "unity" thinkers to speak up and make their position known. We must do all that we can to squelch the hate if we are to move on as people. We have too many REAL problems currently as history moves forward. Why are we complicating an already stressful existence? It just makes zero sense.


Colorblind, is a bold statement towards this end.  Currently this image is available as a 2 foot by 3 foot jumbo, weather proof vinyl print suitable for indoor and outdoor mounting. It is printed at the highest possible resolution available, by a company that is the third largest sign company in the United States. The output from this company is absolutely nothing short of stunning. I as a 40+ year professional photographer, I do not impressed easily. These vinyl's come with a one inch pole pocket at the top, so that you can mount in a tube or any other thin element by which to hang them by. However, we can replace the pole pocket with grommets instead if you wish, just indicate this on your order. I also have no issue changing the text word for you if "UNITY" doesn't ring for you, at no additional cost.

I heard one objection to this art, that stated "God CREATED color". I agree, but he did not intend it as a way to segregate, judge or belittle, but to accept and to love.  That; is the meaning of this artwork.  If you agree, then please join the fight.  Our society needs change and it needs it NOW.

Our 2 x 3 foot Colorblind is delivered FAST and FREE, right to your door at an affordable cost of $29.95.  A 4x6 Foot sized vinyl is just $59.95

Thanks for you supporting this project.