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Advertising for Extreme Ads looked great.  Their demos are super cool.  This here shows what ultimately sealed the deal for me.  And when I signed into my account there were fewer than 26 animations contained for use, several of them duplicates.  And so I posted the ad and the question to their FB page.  Some hours later, I returned to look for a response, and the entire post was gone.  So I posted again asking why my question and post was removed.   Again a while later, THAT post was gone.    So much for good tech support.

To be clear, I wasn't throwing a fit, and I wasn't being rude or demanding.  I was simply asking if I was missing something.  This is exactly why I have learned to NOT purchase upgrades until the system proves itself as worthy.

But here's where it gets interesting ...

Since I was ignored on FB, I figured I'd try official support


Figuring like all other services, I needed to start an acct for support, I proceeded into doing this.


In trying to set up an acct, I am told that the email address as already taken.  Great.  I figured I had been set up automatically.


I tried using every password I could think of including the one sent me in the initial email.  Notice at the top it says "not authorized" ??


And finally I am told that my email address is not found in the system, when attempting a password reset?    First it tells me I'm already in the system, then it tells me it can't find me.

I am not yet looking for a refund.  This is a cool service.  But it tells me there are "hundreds" of animations and perhaps there are a dozen semi-useful ones offered out of a total of less then 26.  And so I merely asked if I was missing something, and was completely and totally dissed.

I am asking JVZoo to please step in on my behalf to find out what's happening with this seemingly false marketing statement and the less than professional response to my question on their page.

Thanks for your time.

Feel free to shoot me a message.  And thanks!

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