Facebook Alternative

Are you a Kratom user who is tired of being pushed around?   I am behind "Kratom Testimonials" on FB and look what I found at the top of my page a few days ago?    Nice, hey?

Well, I'm about done with this mentality and also with my sources being shut down to reopen to be shut down again.   Well, how about we put a stop to that?      I've been doing my research.

Kratomix.org will be a place where Kratom Vendors and Groups can meet in peace, without being hassled over senseless nonsense, and until it becomes outright illegal, free to discuss and transact anything they wish.  Hosting images and such takes bandwidth and resources, and so we will charge $10/month for each dedicated FB Clone system (each has it's own Subdomain URL and is completely separate from the others).   The site will also sport a classifieds section that is specifically for Kratom and related (legal) items.   There will be a small one time charge for each ad to keep the spammers at bay.

We have reached our core dollar amount via sponsorship (thanks guys).   It will take a few weeks to get this puppy built and configured.    Meanwhile if you wish to consider sponsorship for your kratom based organization, shoot me a note.   I am sponsoring out a given number of lifetime memberships to assist with the other things we'll be needing to license eventually (Beaver Web Builder system, etc) After we grand open, our core business service will come with a fee.

This project is now in motion!

Very soon, Kratom vendors will have their very own social media space

No More:

  • Jail
  • Hiding
  • Marketing stigma

Keep an eye on us

 We are currently building Kratomix.org