The name of the game in marketing is to put your name in front of those who are most likely to do business with you.   You do this by first getting their attention, then by delivering something worthy while you HAVE their attention.

Most traditional methods of marketing are expensive and land you in the smoke screen of a ton of other marketing, where you're lucky if anyone notices you.  But RCMedia can utilize standard, quality full color print products to deliver images that no one will likely throw away, and put YOUR information on them.  Besides being able to create stunning business cards for you and your company, I can provide standard postcards, 5x7 and 8x10 jumbo post card prints, suitable for display on a wall or desk.

One would choose an image that is most likely to be appreciated by the demographic that they're trying to gain the attentions of.  For example, tourism traffic would love a cool image of the local historic relic / icon.  OR... if your business is in a very cool looking structure, then let us glamorize it for you.  My ultra vibrant methods of photographic imaging make awesome postcard art ranging from surrealism to natural.  Combined with our photographic service, our printed goods deliver an image like few others do.

All prices include all the art work and layout it takes to get your job done, the printing and the delivery right to your door.   All products are full color on the front and black and white (gray scale) on the back side.  We collect half of your job (50%) at the time you book the job, with the balance due being collected upon delivery of the product (COD).

Standard size Business Cards (2 x 3.5)  

2500 -  $160 (7 cents each)

5000 - $225 (5 cents each)

Standard size Post Cards (4 x 6)

2500 -$295 (12 cents each)

Jumbo size Post Cards (5 x 7)

2500 -$425 (17 cents each)

8 x 10 size Art Cards

2500 -$750 (30 cents each)

Feel free to shoot me a message.  And thanks!

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