First, thanks a bunch for considering assisting.  For those that know Zaeem, this is a no brainer.  He is one of our MVP's and a force that is highly appreciated in our circle.  I know everyone is tight currently as the cost of living rises, but even $25 goes a long way when you're in this kind of urgency.  You can assist one of two ways.... besides a straight out donation, you might consider adding one of Zaeem's most excellent plugins to your arsenal.

Please make your donation HERE, but be SURE to annotate the payment with "Zaeem Fundraiser" so the funds get earmarked accordingly.  Thank you.

GoFundMe has been something less than easy to deal with my last few attempts, and so we are going to do without them.  I closed my account with no intent to look back.  And, those who know RCMedia (or me personally) know that I wouldn't even dream of stealing money, but for those that do NOT know me, this is how we'll "keep it honest".  I won't post the names of the donators here on this page, but I will indeed post the date of the donation and the dollar amount.  AND when I SEND the money to Zaeem using Remitly (this is how I've been paying him for his plugin work) I will post a screenshot of the receipt.  This way, no one has to question the integrity of the fundraiser.

9-18-22  $25      Thank you!

9-18-22  $50       Thank you!

9-18-22  $50       Thank you!

9-19-22  $47.36   Thank you!    (exchange rate USD)

Donation Bonus

Everyone that donates to this fundraiser will be entitled to a lifetime membership in one of RCMedia's (near) future projects, this one perhaps more useful than SpeakBot for the software author.  On our slate is an online licensing system that you'll be able to use for complete, hands free payment and licensing.  Using YOUR encrypted "formula" for licensing (many configurable options will be available), you will have an online validation system, not just for licensing software, but ALSO for UNlicensing it, for things like SaaS development, the transfer of licenses, etc.  Everything will work with the PayPal IPN system including automated trial periods, deactivation upon failed subscription payments, etc.  Using our methodology, you will be able to lock licenses to a computer, or something else (name, email, etc).  This licensing system will be a monthly charge once done and be based on the number of software titles registered, but as told, everyone who donates to this cause, will own a lifetime unlimited membership.  We hope to grand open our licensing system sometime prior to mid-2023.


Thank you once again for your interest in helping Zaeem and his family.