Glam Image Sweetening

Designed for professional photographers, but available to anyone, RCMedia is now offering Glam Image Sweetening.  Having worked offering Photoshop (and other CGI) services to professional photographers and studio’s in excess of 30 years, I can take your images and get the very best out of them.  Most studio’s call that “Editing”.   There are many levels of Glamorizing and I offer ANY level (your choice) at just $10.  I even provide a guarantee.  If you’re not happy with it, I will redo the job, no questions asked.

If the image you provide me is high resolution and of a decent quality, I can return professional quality results every time.  And while I can return a decent image even from amateur level images, of course the better the image provided, the better the returned result.  The following are examples of the kinds (levels) of Image Sweeting / Glamorizing I can provide for this fee.

This is the most over the top you’d likely ever want to go.  It’s the magazine level image sweetening turning human flesh into something almost surreal.  Typically this level of work will take years off the subject by way of digital makeup techniques.

Hard glam images are more on the lines of a Glamour Session where traditionally this was done with real world makeup.  Some portrait clients LOVE this, while others do NOT.

These are typical of editing provided by many studios these days.  NOT over stated but still leaning in the direction of a glamour image.

These are mildly shaded, and what might be favored by those who don’t especially like glamour style photographs.  They carry a portrait away from flat and monotone lighting and shadows.


Regardless of if you need a one time gift idea or if you are a studio photographer who doesn’t have the time or interest in editing your own work, we can deliver, with fast turn around and never expensive.  You submit your files to us electronically with your instructions and we return the same resolution image file you provided us, which you are free to print anywhere you wish.

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