I run a fully functional, Internet home office from which I service my clients.  I have worked remotely / nationally for more than 20 years and have repeat clients who have been with me for nearly that long.

My hourly is generally based on $45/hour but drops in price in proportion to how many hours you require.  I also make it a policy that I quote a "hard-set price" to prospective clients, BASED on my hourly and how long I expect the job to take.  No one likes surprises in business, and not especially where their money is concerned.

If you have a question regarding the most economical way to accomplish something, do feel free to ask.   I have no problems pointing you elsewhere if that is the more sensible option.   I'd rather have your trust for many future jobs, than earn mistrust for just ONE.

And thanks for your interest!





Feel free to shoot me a message.  And thanks!

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