The KarShotz Conversion

Are you located too far from Somerset, KY
for us to photograph your ride?

Our signature photo-graphic style used in the creation of KarShotz begins life in the camera, having been photographed in a particular manner.  And then it undergoes a three step process after that before it becomes something of our signature style.  However we’ve been asked a multitude of times if we could produce this for others remotely located in the same way.  Thus the birth of this specific service.

For $49.95, I will take a standard (high resolution / at least 2500 pixels on the long side) image, and do a KarShotz conversion with the provided image, and output it to an 8×12 (full frame) metallic photo print, just like I do with my own images.  The results you obtain are completely dependent on the image you supply us to work with, but the images below show you what to expect.  The comparison below is impressive enough but if you’ve never seen a metallic print, you will be completely amazed at what these look like.   It takes the appearance of printed vivid foil.

Once the job is completed, in addition to sending you your 8×12,  I will upload your image to an on line gallery where you may order additional prints of your work in a variety of sizes (all on metallic paper) should you require them.   We even offer high quality canvas stretch products.

To get started, send me an email.  I’ll answer any questions you may have, and go over what you need to send me regarding a quality scan or digital image, and then send you an invoice via email when you’re ready to proceed.