Built for our own, silly-grade of marketing and communications, puppetmessengers.com can create some fairly inexpensive marketing that, regardless of how you feel about them, can demand attention and guide visitors through a process.  And our talking Avatars can, optionally include an AI driven, or real time chat box.


Electrick Image Studio is another RCMedia project.    Our "Photo-Graphic Veneer" is a material that permits full color, high resolution images on a professional signage material.  This material feels like credit card plastic in hand, is absolutely beautiful to look at, and is as tough as nails, with an 8 year outdoor lifespan.  It's 8 foot by 4 foot size makes mounting cleanly, super simple, while keeping production costs for an 8x4 foot, full color sign to less than $400.

Interior designers and those looking to cover (jumbo) walls with top grade eye candy, need not look any further than Electrick Image Studio.  We have over the top images for use with (optional) customization work (including text for signage or lawn art).    The low cost of Photo-Graphic Veneer opens up many DIY or service options.   GREAT for carpenters who are looking for a cool service to add to their service menu.


RCMedia has been offering digital services to end users for more than 40 years, and has always focused on bringing affordable services to our clients.   We have recently been focused on developing some on line projects that extend our affordable prices to additional services, geared more for the self employed (freelance), and the small business.  A post pandemic economy means that there will be more folks looking for some degree of self employment, if even part time.  This is where RCMedia's services are most useful.

Web Sites

Fully Managed and Hosted sites.   Featuring industry trusted, WordPress and cPanel, our system is hosted on high end, super fast and stable servers.  Data storage is on SSD's and all domains are backed up daily, weekly and monthly.  Your account with us is fully managed, which means any time you have a problem with anything (email, wordpress, or anything to do with your account with us) all you have to do is contact me by phone or by email.

Video for Social Media

I am a professional video editor for most of my years, and have brought this service to the post pandemic market by offering two kinds of productions.  The first is of course our Puppet Messengers web site.  This service was actually obtained with intent to use it for our own marketing. And so we are.  But this was far too cool to keep it to ourselves, so it became a service. This project offers 100 puppet avatars and nearly 200 scary realistic, English synthetic voices, and 400+ more, over 70 different languages.  

The other video method I offer is called "headless video", which simply means the visuals are all graphics and video, and at no time to you SEE the narrator.  This can include video or stills that you provide, or from one of my numerous stock, stills or video.  Here is an example of a Headless Video.

Vivid Photography

My Hyper Realism style of photo-graphics results in mouth watering imagery that demands attention.   My three step process of image production, is fairly unique, and it generates some tasty images for print and web.  I am local to Pulaski county, KY.  I charge a travel (expenses) outside of a 3 hour radius or so.  

Full Color Traditional Printing

I offer anything from full color business cards, to 5x7 and 8x10 jumbo post cards, with eye candy on the front, and your business message on the rear, QR Code (optional) is free.  Combined with our Hyper-Realism style of photography (for those local to Pulaski County, KY), this can produce some amazing giveaways for your company.

Web Services

While I don't market RCMedia as a "host" we do offer hosting capacities, both web and non-YouTube (Interactive) Video.  For Web, we are a WordPress based service with full cPanel hosting accounts.  If you don't know what that means, that's not important, as are accounts are completely managed.  What this means is that we set up your site to your specifications, and setup your emails, and handle all security and backups (daily, weekly and monthly).   And finally, we offer to teach you how to publish to your own site, if you wish to, at no additional cost.   

If you have a visual arts need for something not represented on this site, please do shoot us a note about it.   Even if it's something I don't do directly, I likely know where to refer you.

And one final note is that you'll see me switching back and forth between writing "ME" and "US".    This is not an oversight.  I work with a solid team of other freelance, and while I run RCMedia, I am surely not the only person providing services through RCMedia Services.

Feel free to shoot me a message.  And thanks!

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RCMedia is focused on bringing services to the self employed and the small business, in this post pandemic economy.  Our prices and policy reflect the expectation that most Americans will have to be, at least part time, a freelance of one kind or another.  We will be adding additional services moving forward.

And thanks for stopping by