Christian artist David Bowman’s  piece titled “My Child” has received a lot of attention online over the past few years.  Being in the media service business, I have received quite a few requests from clients to Photoshop their loved ones in the place of the little girl in this image. Of course, we had to turn them down since the "My Child" image is copyrighted and I did not have permission.

Until now.

RC-Media is pleased to announce a collaboration between David Bowman and RC-Media which enables us to provide our customers with a customized version of the "My Child" image featuring your loved one.

You may have seen others online altering this image to include their loved one with Christ, but they are all working from a low resolution image that is “borrowed” from the Internet.  Not only is this against the law (this image is copyrighted), but these images are un-printable because they are derived from a LOW resolution version of the original artwork.

To date, this website is the only place online (other than David Bowman’s own site) that offers HIGH RESOLUTION hard copy prints of this personalized art.  And our custom images are created with the full approval from the artist.



Due to the (much) higher shipping rates in Ca, I will need to charge an additional $15 on all Canadian deliveries.  I apologize for this but I do not set the shipping rates.


All we need is a quality photo (or two) of the person you want in the image.  The closer he or she is to the pose/angle of the little girl in the "My Child" piece, the better.  If you can't get a photo in that pose/angle we will work with what you have to make the best possible integration of the two images.  We also offer the option of including a "In loving memory of (name)" dedication in the lower left corner.

In return you will receive a LOW resolution version of the image for posting online AND as many 8x10 , 11x14, and 16x20 prints, or 16x20 canvas wraps of the image as you would like.  Pricing below:

The cost for this service is $49.95 and includes an 8x10 print, ready to frame.  Additional 8x10's are available for $12/each, 11x14's for $20 and 16x20's for $49.95.

We also offer a 16x20, Canvas Gallery Wrap for $99.   These works of art are printed directly onto quality canvas material using high quality archival inks.  The canvas has a satin laminate finish, and a sawtooth hanger, ready to mount.

When you order, we direct you to PayPal for processing.  We accept both PayPal and credit cards via PayPal.  We will then arrange to get your original photo / image file to work from.  When your work is completed, we will direct you to your work on line, where you can process your included 8x10, as well as order any additional prints you may require.

Do you have questions about supplying us your image?   Click  HERE.

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