The Visual Neo for Windows Guru-bot

This is an experiment to see how we can program this app, to properly respond to Visual neo for Windows questions about the command set.   This has NOT been programmed with the entire manual.  Also, this bot has access to the internet, which means it's has access to many other coding environments.  So if you reference a command, you MUST specify "Visual neo for Windows.

This technology was not designed to serve actual code, and so there are some limitations of both, the speech and the text box.  This is a bot and it pronounces an all CAPS word by spelling out the letters.  This is why, where ever VisualNEO appears, it will say, Visual N E O for Windows.   The bot also sometimes pronounces things like slash, plus, and other non-alpha things.  The text, where code is concerned, will not display various HTML things such as <tags> are concerned.  This is because this is a web based application and non visible HTML elements, such as tags will remain hidden.

And currently I am working only with this set of limitations to supply information specific to Visual Neo for Windows.  And then, only for action commands, as an interactive reference.   It will not write code but it will supply textbook examples as per our help file.  And sometimes, using it's connection to the internet I guess, it can help with some insight into how the code works, sometimes surprising me.

Example questions would be:  

How can I sort a list in visual neo for windows?

In Neoscript (the language of Visual Neo for Windows), what is the difference between "if" and "ifex"?    Can you help me program?   In what coding language are you specific to?   What makes visual neo for Windows different than other platforms?

Have fun!