Photo Glam

Glamorizing a photograph is something that has become a basic expectation in today's portraiture game.   In the digital era in which we work, to deliver anything less would be more of snapshot than a portrait.  But while the "Editing" of an image is a modern day expectation, RCMedia provides different degrees of Glamorizing.

Basic Glam: $5  This is the least noticeable of the three, but is what RCMedia does at no additional cost as part of our Portrait Photo Sessions.   It removes basic skin blemishes including most temporary blemishes (pimples, rash, etc), lighting issues and is more of a basic tweaking than anything specific.   This level of editing is usually not noticeable.

Intermediate Glam: $10 The next level of Glam is where the photo tends to look as if the subject is wearing makeup.  It covers more obvious skin blemishes perhaps and leans in the direction of a professional modeling image.  This level of Glam is the most common for family and office level portraiture and is what we do to turn an ordinary photograph into something that is more of something special.

Heavy Glam: $25  This is the magazine level of Glam, where the image becomes highly polished and maximizes as many tricks as possible to improve the image perfection.  These are the images one requests for marketing in business or for entertainment business applications.  It can cover up most imperfections and can take years off the subject.