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Freelance Resellers

A-Frame PVC

I am currently seeking free lance, small business marketers.   While I am intending to offer many visual arts products and services, I am to launching a service for a specialty product which is poised to save businesses and other organizations money on FULL COLOR, BILLBOARD quality signs.  Our flagship product is presented as a DIY kit that can offer what is needed for a sign product that other services are charging substantially more for.  We print photographic quality imagery, onto heavy duty vinyl sized to wrap your 4x8 foot plywood sheet and mount it between two 4x4 poles (sunk into the ground).

This is a great addition to any business marketer's product line, but is especially useful as an addition to carpenters who serve the business community, as they can design and build a great many options for mounting the completed work.   But marketers who are NOT carpenters can easily hire a local service to mount the vinyl and sink the posts.

RCMedia will design your photographic "mini-billboard" to your specifications.   Once approved, we print a 5x9 heavy duty vinyl (with a 4x8 sign surface + wrap material).  I will have your approved art printed and shipped to you via overnight FedEx, all for $199.   You simply supply and assemble the lumber to create a mount (two 4x4 and a sheet of plywood would work)

Resellers (those that are selling a sign to someone else) will get the package on THIS PAGE for $170.   Add that to the cost of a sheet of weather treated plywood, and sinking two 4x4's into the ground with which to hold the sign and you have a fairly nice profit margin.   If you wish, you can design and offer more fancy sign mounts as an upsell, and of course that means more profits on your end.

The cool part of free lance work is that there are no minimum quotas or stress whatsoever.   If and when you sell a sign, it's an easy process and a simple install.

Can you get a 9x5 banner cheaper?   yes, you can, on line, but with limitations.   You will not get a high quality vinyl product like we offer.  The cheap materials is 13oz stuff and that's usually printed with a lesser quality print and lasts a shorter lifetime than what we offer.   OR some sign companies offer corrugated board instead of vinyl at all, ya know... the same stuff the "vote for xxx" are made outta ?    Our signs use 15oz materials, printed on by the third largest sign company in the nation.   When I tell you that this stuff is actually Photographic Quality, you can trust my word as a 40 year veteran of the visual arts.   If this product didn't impress me, I'd not be trying to package it up.

Can we DO simple four color work?    Sure we can.  There are those that believe that photo-graphics on signage is a distraction from the message.   If that's how a prospect wants to think, I'm not gonna stop them.   We can do whatever and HOWever a client may wish.

I am at this point in the process of developing a few demo images done the way I envision this service to be offering.   The objective is for high end, hang on your wall imagery put to marketing use, and with a minimum of text.    Let's see how we do 😉