Senior Moments

No, I’m not talking about the kind of senior moments we have in an empty room, trying to recall why we entered in the first place…   rather I refer to groups of seniors gathering for some enjoyable moments captured on video for their entertainment.  After visiting more than my share of nursing homes and assisted living facilities, both with family members and in vocational circumstance, I realize that one of the battles these folks have on a regular basis is, how to pass the time.  And as we all know, nothing is better in life than good music and entertainment.  In fact, there have been studies in how music positively affects all sorts of aliments, INCLUDING PARKINSONS disease.

RCMedia is undertaking a project that will provide affordable entertainment for just such a purpose to these facilities, and we seek specific entertainers and groups to join the project.   Here’s how we’ll be operating.

We will be hand selecting talent for this project and offering a free production of their performance (up to 45 minutes of edited footage) shot with a Steadicam and professionally edited in HD, perfectly suitable for DVD distribution, in exchange for the legal rights to duplicate and sell (to cover production and distribution costs of our own) said product ONLY to the Senior Care demographic.  YOU and your group earn the rights to duplicate and sell copies anywhere else you choose.  Pretty simple.  The only requirement is that we produce material that is not copyrighted by someone else, as we do not wish to get involved with BMI or other copyright licensing scheme.   Public domain or original material is what we are after.

We will video your performance anywhere in the extended Tri-Cities area at the venue of your choice.   If you are out of area and we contact you with an invite, we will attempt to find a venue for you to perform at, local to us in the Tri-Cities, perhaps by trading said venue “free entertainment” for the rights to video said production on premise (including audience).  Shooting a Steadicam is a bit invasive as it requires us to get up front and personal for close ups and footage with impact.  Check out some of our  live performance footage on our site for an idea.

We ARE at the beginning stages of this project and aim to get a dozen or more productions in our catalog before starting to market to Senior Care centers, but we ARE ready to start arranging products to get started on said catalog.   If your band would like a full length, performance production at no cost and are willing to sign over duplication and distribution rights FOR SENIOR CENTER demographics only, then feel free to contact me at your convenience.   We are excited over this project, because it means a whole lot more than making money to us.   Sure, we’ll be getting paid for our production services in the end, but even more importantly, we’ll be providing the “live entertainment” to these folks who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Thanks for your consideration.

Robert Cohen (rcohen)