With the world forcing SSL (secure socket layer) certification upon is, it's slowly becoming mandatory for anyone hosing on line, regardless of if you are handling sensitive information or not.  And for most of us, this is Greek with it only representing another annual fee.   At least until now.


If you use cPanel that has SSL capacity (the module is active in your cPanel) and you meet the minimum requirements listed below, we will configure a one time application that will keep your Free SSL going without having to pay another fee again.  If you are just now setting up then the $49.95.   However if your site has been there for a while and you have some embedded materials (links or media) that are not listed AS httpS (secure URL) then some time must be spent "cleaning up" those links and correcting them to point properly to SSH links, without throwing error warnings.   Cleanup (an hourly service) can run between $50 and 100.

I can provide services to anyone hosting on PHP 5.4 with the OpenSSL extension, Curl extension, and the PHP directive allow_url_fopen = On
Please check with your host to see if you meet this criteria before ordering.