Thank You!

Thank you for your Glam order.   

We need your image in the highest resolution (largest file in pixel size) you have.   Typically images of 1600 or more pixels on the long side print best.  Images smaller than 1200 pixels on the long side will display fuzzy and soft.  Professionally done images fair best with 4000 or more pixels for optimum sharpness.

Please go to and send us your image file using their FREE option.  Use to send to.  Please enter your notes to include both, the email address used with your PayPal purchase as well as details regarding the KIND (level) of Glam you desire.  IF you are highly specific, we’ll follow your instructions to the letter.  AND if you are only general with your instructions, we’ll use our best judgement.    Things we have control over are::

Facial structure:  We can slim down the face of the subject IF you desire.

Eye Color:  We can pump up or even change the eye color of your subject.  We can even fake color contacts.

Blemishes:  We can eliminate single blemishes or glam out the entire complexion of your subject.

Digital Makeup:  We can augment or provide blush, eye liner, eye lashes, and lipstick, tans, and more to your subject, all believable and to any degree (light or heavy) Remember, we have a guarantee, so if you are not happy we’ll gladly do it again to tweak what you are needing.

Teeth repairs and cleaning:  We can fix broken and missing teeth, as well as whiten and clean those that are there.

The above includes just the common things folks ask for.  If you have a special request feel free to ask regardless of if you see it on the list or not.   SOME requests will require additional fees if they are time consuming, but we’ll check with you before we do ANY work which requires additional fee.

And finally if you have questions regarding any of your work, simply use the contact form or the phone number listed ON the contact form, at the lower  right of your screen.

And again, thank you for your business.