The 7 Benefits of a Company Video

Business videos are an important sales tool, and they often overlooked in marketing budgets.  Let's look at the top seven tell-tale signs that indicate whether your company should consider an innovative and effective way to promote itself.  Keep in mind that you can if you wish, create a "headless video", meaning there is no footage of the narrator speaking.   Narration be be offered in cutting edge synthetic voice, or traditional real human voice actor.   RCMedia has access to both.  We can even offer an Avatar Puppet, to do the talking FOR you, if you have the interest.  There are samples of our voices, both synthetic and voice actors.


1. You Have no strong business / corporate “look and feel

You’re in a highly competitive industry. Yet, what makes you really stand apart from your competitors, mainly your people and the look and feel of your company, is something not immediately obvious.  So how do you show your state-of-the-art factory in action or your amazing staff working in your appealing office? And what about your amazing location? What’s the best way to show a picturesque vision of rolling hills, clean and green countryside or waterside views, if you have that? Or how about outdoor visuals, simply for location recognition? The solution is to create a marketing video that paints an appealing picture of those indefinable qualities that make your company unique.  And you do not even have to create actual video, as still images and graphics can be incorporated and animated (zooms, pans, etc.) to look perfectly acceptable.  Also, smart phone video can be perfectly acceptable, IF you use it correctly for the purpose.


2. Unique Presentations

You need to do a sales presentation and your company is up against some tough competitors.  How do you present your company in a way that is different to your opponents?  A proven method is to play your business video within all of your  presentations.  Playing your marketing video at the start of a sales presentation, for example, is a great way to relax your audience. Interesting visuals and upbeat music can make your audience feel more positive, even before you’ve spoken a word.  It’s an ideal way to show the look and feel of your company attitude, in a convincing and enjoyable manner.


3. Trade Shows/Exhibitions/Retail Locations 

Your organization is always displaying at trade shows and / or retail locations, and needs a way to stand out from the crowd. Setting up a video monitor and a DVD/Laptop on display with your continually repeating corporate video is an easy way to get people to stop and stare. Moving vision and music easily stops people in their tracks.  Parents quickly learn that it is easy to distract a child by leaving them in front of a video. Adults are usually no different. It is easy to grab the attention of participants who may feel uncomfortable (or bored) walking around a in a business / corporate crowd. Continually playing your presentation video is an easy way for foot traffic to learn about you without having to go to the effort of reading through brochures.  People as a whole are expecting to be spoon fed your information.


4. Showing your Product or Service in Action

Sometimes you cannot actually demonstrate your product or service to a client because it is too large to lug around, it is located on the other side of the world or there is only one prototype that cannot be used.  New products or services that are suitable for use in a range of different scenarios, are also difficult to demonstrate. Using a marketing video that can exhibit how your product works and under what circumstances is a great way for prospects to understand what you are trying to sell. This is a much better alternative than taking the prospect through lengthy operational manuals or worse still, having them rely on their imagination.


5. Extensive Product Range

Your product list is extensive. Not only do your clients not know all of the products that you sell, but even your staff have trouble remembering! Studies have found that we are more likely to remember information if it is shown with visuals. The best way to inform people about your product range (and for them to remember) is to show scenarios in which the product can be used.


6. Your Production Process

Your product is made in a time-honored tradition that takes hours of dedication. Or your product is made from the finest quality materials that are only obtainable from a scenic, rural location. Alternatively, your service was developed from years of research by experienced technicians.  Showing your product being made in a manner that is different to your competitors gives you a distinct competitive advantage.  This is one area that you do not want to leave to nice words in a brochure. To do your company justice, showcasing your production process is an extremely important message to convey.


7. Believable Testimonials

There is nothing more potent than having your happy customers raving on about how wonderful you are to the camera. Written testimonials are often read suspiciously. We’re all guilty of reading through testimonials and laughing about their dubious authenticity.  Having a real client talking about you on camera is like having that person tell your prospects face-to-face about how highly they think of you. Of course, the testimonial has to look real. Uncomfortable clients poorly reading from an autocue fools nobody!  When done correctly, this is an extremely effective way to promote your business and one that has been used since televisions first appeared in our lounge rooms.


Many folks don't' believe in digital / social media style of marketing.  Perhaps because they do no understand it, or perhaps even because they aren't looking for more work than they have right now.  But a person doesn't need to understand the technology to benefit from it.   A video done for YouTube::

Is a one time expenditure.   After it's finished, you can post it on line and it will be there for the life of your business, or as long as you wish.

Is the most cost effective way to market, based on the last point, AND it's the most powerful communication tool we have at our disposal.  YouTube and FaceBook video, can turn a lot of heads.

Is the easiest way to have folks share your message, and especially if you're lucky enough to think up something of a viral nature.

  • Reach: Your target audience is on YouTube. Since they are owned by Google, the largest (by far) search engine on the planet, your videos, when properly indexed, with proper keywords and description, will draw THE RIGHT kind of prospects to your video, and not just a lot of general traffic.
  • Intent: Your customers want to find you on YouTube. This means, unlike traditional marketing where you must be noticed first, most traffic lands on your video as a direct result of a search.  This means they are INTENDING to view your video (and those like yours).   Normally when traffic is looking for you, they will consume more of your message than if they just stumbled up it.
  • Engagement: People would rather watch videos than read.  Technology has turned us all into lazy readers.  It's true. Video not only spoon feeds your information to your viewer, but because it's less work than reading, they may listen further into your presentation than if it had been text.
  • Conversion: YouTube engagement helps you acquire new customers.  Because of the vast user-base that YouTube enjoys, the majority of your traffic is bound to be "new" traffic.

Starting a YouTube channel is easier than you think.  YouTube/Google have taken great care with creating a user interface that anyone can understand.  Their ability to create amazing technology has never ceased to amaze me.  If you can understand how to use FaceBook, then setting up a channel on YouTube is a piece of cake.  But hey, this too you can FIND on YouTube.   Just search on YouTube for "Setting up a channel".