Uprinting :: Buyer Beware!!

Being a “retired” AdSense publisher, I often notice the ads on google and on supporting sites.  This time, their targeting was on spot and I noticed an ad that promoted a very  (almost too good to be true) good price on some flyers, which I am in the market for.   But when I clicked the link, I could find nothing that was priced as the ad stated.

This ad, mind you ON THE GOOGLE HOME PAGE

Linking to https://www.uprinting.com/flyer-printing.html


Can anyone else find the $23.19 offer?

And so I decided to engage their “Live Chat” feature to find out what the story was.

I seem to have lost this screen grab here, but Eugene goes to explain to me that you must first click on “custom size” and then choose 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch “flyer” to get this price.   LOL