Cancer is NOT a DISEASE!

I have twice battled cancer and learned quite a bit about the condition along the way.   The information I am about to present you is not linked to many facts, but a bit of googling will provide you with enough substantiation to what I'm about to share with you.

First lie the medical system will tell you...   Cancer is a DISEASE.  It isn't!   It's a SYMPTOM.

The cells in the human body subdivide your entire life.  And it's completely normal to have a given percentage of malformed subdivided cells, which normally the auto-immune system carts away.  But between lack of proper nutrition and increasing toxicities, the AI system eventually runs out of effectiveness and the malformed cells which are left behind begin to form pockets of malformed cells, and THESE are where TUMORS come from.  So, "cancer" is a growing collection of these pockets of cells which are trapped in our system due to a faulting AI system.

To make matters worse, modern medicine in their effort to "TREAT", kills off the very thing you need to FIGHT cancer; your Auto-Immune system.  Chemo and Radiation both severely compromise your AI system, and this FURTHER decreases your body's ability to flush out the malformed cells.

More than 100 years ago, a nurse in Canada was handed an herbal recipe by the Objibwa Indian tribe, as a solution to cancer.  The history of this tea is all over the Internet.  Essentially this is a super effective detox that first dissolves and then flushes malformed cells (and other things) out of the body.  The herbal recipe also includes components to help regenerate damaged cells.   There is NO REASON to spend a LOT of money on this tea as various tea manufactures are trying to capitalize on peoples fear.   Such companies will sell you about a two week supply already brewed (and going stale in the bottle) for high dollars.  But you can brew it yourself for less than five bucks a box of 24 teabags, and don't let anyone tell you it's not as effective.  I proved otherwise and you can find others on line who have also discovered this.  Look for the bright yellow box from the company "Now".

A treating dose (as in an active fight for health) is considered three cups of this tea per day.   A maintenance dose is ONE cup per day.

A few things to know before you get started.  First, this tea is highly effective, but the stage and type of your cancer will determine your level of success.  At the very least, a cancer patient will benefit from an improved condition and be more comfortable during traditional treatment and in a worst case scenario, their end life condition.

Note, that a detox this strong will keep you running to the bathroom.  This is normal.  During the first two weeks of treatment, you will find you are passing things that you've never seen before.  This too is normal.   After my initial phase of detox (two or three weeks) my sugar levels dropped (I'm a diabetic) and my blood pressure improved a great deal.  I also lost about 25 lbs in three months.

In addition to removing the the bad stuff, a detox will also remove the good stuff.  You NEED TO take a vitamin supplement, the more effective the better, during your detox treatment.  Also, you will need to drink an increased amount of water as the process creates a LOT of dehydration if you're not careful.  The most common mistake I see with those trying this regiment is they drink it at night, go to bed (where you can't drink a lot) and wake up feeling positively awful... blaming the tea and stopping the treatment without benefit.   BIG mistake.  If you're doing to do this, do it right and avoid feeling more negative effects than you need to.

This page is not on the main menu of this web site, but please DO feel free to give this URL to anyone you think may benefit.  Also, if you have questions regarding any of this, do not hesitate to use the contact form on this site.

MY cancer was Thyroid cancer.  I lost my thyroid due to it.   There are notes in my medical files that indicate that some of my tests showed that the tumor had shrunk by two thirds between diagnosis and surgery, as some of the radiologists thought it may have been in error ;-))    AND when they discovered some missed tissue that threw cancer readings a year or so later, I asked my doctor to give me three months and test again (while I treated on tea) and ....   he couldn't find any cancer three months later 😉   I had avoided chemo / radiology in this way.

Cancer is NOT a disease!  Cancer IS a SYMPTOM!