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WordPress has been at the top of the content management game now for a while and more and more, folks are taking the step up to a WordPress site.   RCMedia specializes in WordPress and because it's so easy to manage (once set up) I teach our Web site clients how to manage their own site to whatever extent they wish to learn.   BUT, what if your WordPress site is not on the RCMedia system but you still need a management service to help maintain it?

RCMedia is now taking on WordPress management clients regardless of where the site is hosted.  Using remote technology with your WordPress, I will secure your installation as well as monitor your site for required updates.  I offer page updates on existing pages (up to ten per month) and provide tech support and instructional support for those clients that wish to learn to edit pages on their own.

If you need help managing your WordPress Web site consider signing up for our management subscription services, below.   This will charge your account $24.95/month and provide you with all the support you need throughout each month.  I still do business the old fashion way using Email, Facebook IM, and direct phone contact.   You will never wait more than 24 hours for a required WordPress issue.

I can also assist you in your choice of plugin if you let me know of something you'd like your web site to DO.   There are countless things you can DO with a WordPress, many of which most folks never even think of.   At some point I'll be setting up a directory of TOP "Gotta Have" plugins if you're needing a particular function.     Meanwhile, subscribers won't have to worry about such things as this will be MY job.

A note on pre-existing plugins and custom work prior to working with me.  I, of course, will make every effort to update and secure your web site to WordPress secure standards, but I can not be responsible for the work of others.   If one of your current plugins is no longer supported and updated, and becomes insecure as a result, it is understood that there is nothing I can personally do, other than find and install a replacement plugin.

The replacement of a plugin is included in the service described here, BUT the time it takes to make site wide changes to accommodate the new plugin is NOT.  I do offer affordable "tech time" where things are not covered here, but please do understand such things fall under "Development" and not management.   I do of course offer more affordable fees for management clients, based on $20/hr rather than $45

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